Peter Aldous visits Lowestoft fish market

Peter heard firsthand about the situation of the fishing industry and the need to ensure that the inshore fleet get a fair share of quota. In Parliament, Peter has been representing local fishermen and emphasising the important role the under 10s fleet can play in delivering economic, environmental and cultural benefits for their communities and a reallocation of quota is crucial to reaching this potential. Whilst nationally the under 10m boats comprise 77% of the UK fleet and employ 65% of the total workforce, they only receive 4% of the total quota available. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) allocate catch limits on a month to month basis to each vessel in the under-10 metre pool, although, in practice, what so often happens is that the vessels can end up with high levels from one species when it is not available and low levels for others when they are abundant. Reallocations of quota from the Producer Organisations (POs) to the under-10s do take place but they are often unpredictable and not permanent.  in the Annual Fisheries Debate in the House of Commons on 11th December 2014, Peter argued for:- 1.    The inshore fleet to have proper representation on advisory councils; 2.    Skippers of inshore boats to receive an increase in their monthly catch limits;3.    Quota only to be held by active fishermen who bring real benefits to their local communities and not by foreign vessels nor non-active fishermen who only hold quota as an investment. 4.    Ahead of a Referendum on the UK’s future membership of the European Union in 2017, any renegotiation beforehand of our terms of membership to include he reclaiming of the UK’s territorial waters in the 6 to 12 nautical mile area. This would allow fish stocks to be properly protected with priority access being given to local fishermen who depend on these waters for their survival. Having listened to the concerns about local fishermen, Peter also pointed out that the fishing industry in Lowestoft needs to secure a long term home in the port area.Peter Aldous commented:“It was good to listen to the concerns of the local fishing industry and it is clear that for them to play a continuing role in the town there is a need for a reallocation of quota and a base for the fishing industry in Lowestoft. Should I remain the MP for the area after May 7th, I shall continue to the represent the interests of local fishermen in Parliament and call for the right system of management to be put in place that will allow them to thrive once more."Mr Aldous has been campaigning since being elected in May 2010 to secure a sustainable future for Lowestoft’s fishermen.