Peter Aldous visits Adande with Foreign Secretary

Applied Design and Engineering (Adande) was founded by Ian Wood and George Young as an HVAC engineering consultancy specialising in industrial ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning for the offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The company has expanded its presence in international markets through a combination of distribution and licensing agreements. Adande is an example of a thriving local business with:- 

  • 32 employees, including 26 on site and 60 expected by 2018.
  • revenues of £5-10 million and £20-30 million expected by 2018.
  • great links internationally and producing units in the UK and India.
  • 3500 drawer modules sold and 13000 expected by 2018.
  • high profile customers such as Michelin star restaurants, Jamie's Italian, McDonald's and KFC.
  • key users of Aircell expected to be retailers such as Tesco and Sainsburys.

Adande will be receiving a grant of £2.1 million and a loan of £380,000 as part of a £4.2 million project they are leading with Plas-Tech Ltd and Bond Retail Services Ltd. This project will develop and produce a new type of energy efficient refrigerated retail display cabinet to store and present perishable foods. It will create up to 97 jobs and safeguard 144 jobs. Peter Aldous commented: "It was good to welcome the Foreign Secretary to Lowestoft and to accompany him on his visit to Adande. The company have made significant progress in the past 4 years; increasing their turnover and staff and developing new products which they are exporting around the world.  It is important that such innovative and aspirational businesses are given every encouragement to grow. The recent Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain to develop a new and exciting refrigerated cabinet will enable them to do this, thereby creating new jobs both at Adande and at the local companies with whom they work."