Great Success in Waveney's Suffolk County Council Elections

Great Local Election Results on 4th May 2017, for seats to Suffolk County Council in Waveney. Labour lost all except one seat and UKIP lost all seats. IN Gunton Labour won with just 6 votes for second place. The Conservatives lost a seat to the Greens in Beccles, despite an increase in the  share of the vote. 

The results were as follows: 


Mark Bee C  2241, ELECTED. Brambley Crawshaw G 2189 ELECTED 41.3% turnout Con Hold /Green from Con


David Ritchie C 1534 ELECTED 39.5% turnout Con Hold 


Ardley C 1569 Elected. Patience Lab 1517 27.5% turnout Con from Lab/ Lab hold 


Tony Goldson C 1545 ELECTED 39.3% turnout  Con hold 

Kessingland & Southwold 

Michael  Ladd C 1392 ELECTED 38.3% turnout  Con Hold 

Lowestoft South 

Jenny Ceresa C 1582 ELECTED Jamie Starling 1445 C ELECTED  28% turnout Con from UKIP/ Con from UKIP


James Reeder C 2274 ELECTED. Keith Robinson C 2139 C ELECTED 30.3% turnout  Con from Lab / Con from Lab


Craig Rivett C 1473 ELECTED. Mel Vigo Di Gallidoro C 1569 ELECTED 31% turnout. Con from Lab/ Con from Lab