Chancellor visits Harrod UK in Lowestoft

Having originally made nets for the fishing industry, Harrod's have successfully diversified in the past 60 years and are now one of the leading manufacturers of posts and nets, with clients including Wembley Stadium and most Premier League clubs, as well as Real Madrid and Barcelona. During his visit the Chancellor helped put together a goal post and thread a net. He emphasised the importance of good infrastructure, which will enable businesses like Harrod's to thrive and take on more staff and confirmed the Prime Minister's undertaking to complete the preparatory work for the Third Crossing by March 2016, so that funding can be secured for the bridge to be built. Peter Aldous commented: "It was great to welcome the Chancellor to Lowestoft so that he could see for himself the great work being done by a UK manufacturer who has successfully diversified and is now the market leader in their field, exporting around the globe. I very much welcome the support that he gave to getting the Third Crossing built, confirming the undertakings provided by the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Transport in the last few days."